Best Trance Playlist Spotify

Best Trance Playlist Spotify

The Intro

Best Trance Playlist Spotify created by Bridger Trance.
Read on as i explain why i have added some of the best trance songs from all time to my Spotify playlist.
I have added a variety of uplifting, vocal, progressive, emotional and ambient trance from the history of trance music.

How To Listen

Sign up for a free Spotify account and click the heart symbol, this will add the playlist to your account.

With over 24 hours of playing time, i have reverted to using the shuffle feature for the element of surprise!!! You can or course sort tracks alphabetically, by artist name / track name, or the date added.Why Follow My Playlist?

I want you to be the judge, have a listen and tell me if you think it is the Best Trance Playlist.

Two extra reasons that make this playlist enjoyable are:

New tracks being added regularly.
A variety of trance genres in the playlist for listening to.

You can comment at the bottom of the post, with your suggestions, maybe a track you heard on a special night out.

This Playlist Features

Ferry Corsten, Push, Tiesto, Scot Project, Chicane and Cold Blue to name just a few, this is the perfect playlist for your car journey home or a weekend night party with friends.

Classic Trance – Modern Trance – Ambient Trance

I want my playlist to have variety, for you to experience my favourite tracks of past and present

New List Entries

Andy Jornee – You & I

How do i describe this as i listen now with my headphones on?
The first 2 minutes build is just preparing for the female vocal that drops in the break. Booooooom! Hola!!! Here we go. Stunning subtle vocal.
Really liking this, its a definite track for my next mix.

Sentien – Atmos

A mind blowing new track.

It has all the components i love in a great trance, slightly dirty with great uplifting break, it really had to go on the list, who said that trance is not as good as the 90’s?

Paul ICZ – Cirrostratus

I first heard on a progressive trance mix by Paddy Kelly

It took me by surprise with it’s simple melody i was straight on to twitter shouting from the roof tops, i liked it so much i had to drop it into my Best Spotify Trance Playlist. 

Melodic, uplifting, great production sound and unique. The perfect progressive trance mix.

So True by Kyau & Albert

So True by Kyau & Albert (Dan Stone Remix) Iwas listening to a lockdown trance mix by Alan Sharkey via the Irish TranceFamily Facebook channel. Alan dropped it in his mix and i was hooked.

Airflow by Stoneface & Terminal

Airflow by Stoneface & Terminal, This newbie track from legendary pair just oozes that old feel of a Sasha track but with a real oldie bass maybe L.S.G Oliver Lieb comes to mind, anyway it had to go on to my list.

Fisical Project – On The Rocks

Fisical Project – On The Rocks. With those subtle acid stabs pulsing away in the background, this track represents where modern trance music is right now. I think this guy is on the edge of greatness and has the potential to release great trance music in the future. Who knows maybe he is the next Armin Van Buuren!!!!
You can follow him on twitter here 

The wonderful Deep Blue by Darren Porter is now on my playlist, great use of pads and orchestral, make this is a stunning trance music track. Released in 2015, fair to say it’s a very modern classic trance tune, that compliments the songs on the playlist.

Excellent new Progressive EDM Vocal Trance track by Allevo & Emoiryah – Chase The Sun [ CDR ]. Both artists are new to me but loving this 2020 release all the same.


Classic Trance Recent Entries

Vimana -We Came

I forgot about this gem. I listened to a classic trance set on mixcloud and had to add it to the list instantly.

A powerful baseline for the first 2 mins of the track, after which the breakdown is introduced and wow.

An Uplifting track that makes you want to put your hands in the air all day long.
It really energises all your emotions.

A truly unique trance classic song and fot that reason i would like to say, thanks to Vimana (DJ Tiësto/Ferry Corsten) for this epic club classic.

Chillout Ambient Trance

The playlist needed variety.I had to include some ambient trance songs.

Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

An ambient trance song, an all time classic. Written by a titan of the synthesiser world, Brian Eno.
Brian Eno was inventing unique synth sounds in the 1970’s, limited by early synth technology, he produced amazing sounds.
He was famous for being the keyboard player for Roxy Music.
He even has is own wiki page here

Bridger – Take Me To Beethoven

I could not resist. Recently released, I have added it to the playlist.

I hope you enjoy it!

Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes

Above & Beyond – Sun In Your Eyes, a perfect uplifting chillout trance track that is now a classic in it own right.

With the beautiful sounds of those pads and plucks. A simple melody, lifts you to another dimension. This is a power trance ballad, i had to have it on my playlist!

Cafe Del Mar – Energy 52

Possibly the best remix is by Michael Woods, of the ALL TIME CLASSIC dance and trance track Cafe Del Mar – Energy 52.

Why? A perfect melody mixed with plucks and pads and those simple taps of the cymbals. Perfect uplifting trance.

Does anyone not like this song?

Personal Favourites

Ferry Corsten – Eternity

This is a perfect example of trance music taking you to a higher place!

An emotional uplifter. If you never heard it, your trance vocabulary is missing out on a masterpiece.

Lush pads with a classical feel, stunning melody need i say more!

Push – Strangeworld

I went to a Gatecrasher night in the town of Witney and this track was played by every Dj.

Push – Strange World got it awesome, it was a must have in any Dj’s collection.

Not Available From Spotify

Cascade – Transcend Moonman Remix shamefully not available on Spotify at the moment (come on guys sort it out)

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Spotify is a multi platform app that works on almost any device.

The perfect way to stream music and the real bonus it’s free!!!!

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