How to promote your trance music and be heard for free πŸŽ§πŸ€“

Yes its that really hard question isn’t it, fellow trance music producers.

You may have made the best trance music ever but nobody gets to hear it!!

How do you promote your new trance music for free?

Frustrating and alas i am no expert, fear not my trance friends, lets cover some simple things that you can do.

Definitely put your track or tracks on soundcloud, you can even let people download for free, you can research doing what they call like gates for soundcloud, these are services that for free give you limited gates that if somebody wants to download your track they will have to like it and follow you, good idea in principle, personally i have had no luck with it but others have.

Social media, communicate and reach out with as many likeminded trance fans as you can, on any social platform that you enjoy and understand. I have found Instagram is very receptive as there is a very responsive trance community there, along the way you will meet new trance fans and make new friends. Find some trance material you enjoy and post it, use good relevant hashtags, follow like minded trance music fans.

Twitter much harder as it has been so abused now on many levels, still worth a shot.

Facebook, join trance groups if Facebook is your thing, create a page, still hard starting from scratch.

Youtube, well we all know youtube can go really viral, create an account if you have not already, give your track a title add something like (new trance track) to the title, go nuts on the description add as much here as you can, who inspired you, like minded artists, style of track and all of that may help you show in the search on Youtube, people will filter searches to look for videos posted in the last month etc.

You can easily add to Youtube from sound cloud using Hyperedits soundcloud to Youtube converter, so only 1 artwork cover is needed.

Hearthis lets you upload your track for free, again success is limited, you can simply import your track from soundcloud, so the process is easy. I believe they have a maximum of 128Kbps stream so not as high quality music stream as soundcloud, well wort doing for free.

Bandcamp provides an more interesting idea where you can provide your download completely free or ask for an email address, the other idea they provide is that the listener can donate an amount to you, well worth checking out.

Mix Your Trance Track!

You have a daw, so use it to mix tracks that you love and know will mix well into your new track, make the perfect mix set and post it to mixcloud, mixcloud has an easy sign up which you can use your facebook account. Follow other folks on mixcloud, listen to their mixes, communicate, be nice, they hopefully will come and listen to your mixes, in the description do not forget to mention your new track is part of the mix.

Mixcloud is a licensed platform so you have no need to worry about copyright, where as soundcloud is not, so mixes can be taken down for copyright infringement.

Get in Touch with me!

I am working on lots of ideas via this blog and also i have started a trance radio station. On this blog i want to create Dj or producer profiles, i can embed your soundcloud track on your profile and also your mixcloud set. The more folks i can get to my website the more you will get seen. My email address is at the bottom of the article.

Trance RadioΒ 

As my blog grows hopefully so will my trance radio station, i am using radionomy for now, with radionomy i do not have to worry about radio licensing, i have created new trance music promo shows, so folks can tune in and get a blast of your new songs. I will give these dedicated slots during the week.

Please do get in touch if you think i can help and hey you never know we can have a bit of fun along the way.

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