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As i have had the pleasure of getting to know Iain after chatting to him via Instagram, his passion and knowledge of trance just shines through, always there to help out when he can. He has always been a DJ, playing in nightclubs anywhere from Newcastle to Edinburgh and can still be found playing out in local nightclubs. He has a massive collection of classic trance on vinyl and his knowledge of trance stands out from the crowd. Check out his latest trance mix sets at the bottom of this post.

DJ IAIN MITCHELL has a huge following on Instagram follow him at https://www.instagram.com/iainmitchell2/

IAIN can be found DJ’ing his favourite trance music sets up and around clubs in the north of England, with years of being a club DJ he brings a “happy” experience to a nightclub venue.

He also now features on online trance radio stations such as TrancePulse Dublin and Afterhours FM

I am glad to say Iain has joined our own trance music radio for 2 one hour slots daily with his expert choice of the greatest trance music tracks, a selection of classic trance to the latest releases. Tune in between 2pm-3pm or 7pm-8pm from Tuesday the 5th of June on wards for Iain’s daily slot.

Check out the latest IAIN MITCHELL Mix Dj sets on soundcloud


Iain is a regular to the trance Instagram community, you can join him and he is not afraid to spread the love. View Iain’s taste in trance music (on Vinyl) yup he is a rare breed still a vinyl DJ and turning them wheels of steel!!!!

Follow Iain on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/iainmitchell2/