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Melodic Progressive House & Trance Music Playlist

You found my playlist! Whether you are House/Trance Music Dj or you want to listen in your home and car, I know the importance of an amazing playlist to fill your night with the right music. This is why I have put together a Melodic House & Progressive Trance Music playlist for you to enjoy. It features a range of different artists which will be sure to please you.

My aim is to find new Artists as well as some of the more well known, this playlist with your help, may help expose new talented artists and grow their fan base.

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Genres include – Progressive / Melodic House & Trance Music

Featuring new music that i can preview from Beatport, Spotify and Youtube and has to be of course, available on Spotify, I check for new music on a weekly basis, so will be adding new tracks as regularly as i can.

I also put a link and description to my absolute favourites that are added to my playlist.

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Playlist Entry Highlights

April 2021 New Releases

T-One Remix by Ematz & Cris, this tune grows on you the more you listen to it, very pretty track, great use of pads and strings, be warned it may take you on an emotional ride.

A belated entry, i wanted to spice up my playlist with a bot of progressive breakbeat, Freestylers – Happiness is just that, a happy vocal breaks track. Wait for the saxophone!!!

March 2021 New Releases

This tune is a monster, a cross between techno and progressive, perfect!! The use of a saw bass with bitcrusher, i love it!

Tim Light – Noxious (Fab Massimo Remix)

I love the melodic and vocal feel on this, it has a nice easy and relaxing vibe.

Alex Leavon & Wesand – Long way Home

Leftfield song that keeps building the bass, nice break beats, i can listen to this over and over again.


This progressive/melodic track has a oldschool feel but yet i love the melody hook, nice production.

Jad0 & Levi Raciel – Inner Piece

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February 2021 New Releases

Q-Green – See You

I can only advise to follow this artist on Spotify, the tunes being made are on another planet. “See You” is a stunning vocal track, check it out below!

Michael Reeze – Limitless (dub mix)

This feels like a blast from the past, total 90s rave tune feeling, yes i love it

Fdf (Italy) – Oh Yeah!

I am always partial to a Jackin House disco styles tune, i absolutely love this very uplifting sound


Q-Green – Soft Sound

This melodic and progressive track somehow reminds me of Faithless, possibly the pluck sound, nice pads in the back of the mix, uplifting and a nice to listen to.

Bazmik, Erick Khalifa – Sunrise Temple

This melodic tune, has such a rich blend of instruments, guitars, pads, saws and a great melodic percussive mix. It keeps building and building, nice tune, applause emoji!!

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Mettie Chandler, Omaar Musal – Amsterdam

This release has an eighties synth feel, mixed with a 90s beat feel. Love this original sound, the background atmospheres makes this a nice uplifting track for any playlist.

Shadow Child, Binary Finary – 1998 (Venus)

This track needs no introduction for those who were bopping away in nightclubs in the lates 90’s, this remix gives it a new melodic techno feel, brething new life into an old hit.

Ciree – Distant Voice

I really enjoy this style of melodic, background vocal atmosphere and the chord melody. Very uplifting, lovely production.

Daviddance – Oh You! Again (Original Mix)

I fancied adding this disco house style track, very uplifting and happy house music vibe. Maybe the Saxophone sound gives me a tingly feeling.

Rush X Dirty – Melodic Revenge (Club Mix)

Perfect for this playlist of melodic sounds

Frank Blanche – The Rain

This is going to be a big big tune surely, perfect melodic production

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29th January added to playlist

Karaal – Hide

Boy oh boy, i LOVE this track, very u[plifting progressive trance feel, give it a like on Spotify its amazing!!

Di Rugerio – Levenslang

This track has.a very dark atmospheric feel to it, love the pads almost a cinematic feel.

Biotech Patagonia – Tassilo

I really loved the simple and almost gentle intro, then an 80’s style synth cuts and i was hooked

Frost – Overtones

As i discover new music, this is a leftfield genre styled track, i am a bit of a sucker for the old rave feel, it had to be added to the playlist

Donna-Marie (NZ) – Invisible

Stunning bass very dark build up into that break with a vocal, this track is almost messed up but a great listen, very different, I love it

Guzy, Hools – Untold Story

A perfect melodic house track, nice melodic pads and arpeggiator rhythm, uplifting mood

Ben Böhmer – After Earth

I love this bass and melody, gentle piano almost reminds of Hans Zimmer in a way, this is a stunning track

Bonobo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak

A perfect blend of an oldschool vibe and uplifting house music riff, this always makes feel good after listening to this.

Spencer Brown, Alpha 9 – AfterLife

This track just creeps up on you with gentle leads and reverbs, beautiful melody a must have for any playlist.

My first release of a melodic house track i hope you enjoy it. Using various acid sounds with a deep bass and a lead with lots of attack

Bridger – Strange Times

Who can remember the original – Just Be Good To Me by Beats International (Fatboy Slim or Norman Cook as he was known then, also the bass guitarist of the Housemartins an 80’s pop band).

Well i just love the remix by Earth N Days, i added to the playlist, love this style of house music.

Claudio Ricci – Sternentreiben (Patrice Baumel Remix) Some about the bass, reminds me of track from the 90’s cannot think of the tune, it will come.

Kurd Maverick – Dancing To (Extended Mix), Booooom!!!! Lets get the weekend started tune, the ultimate way to warm up for the weekend.

House music at it’s very best, uplifting vocals, i want more!!!

Mike Dunn – If I Can’t Get Down, oh yes yes YES, this makes feel FUNKY, guess what! It makes you want to just GET DOWN! Funk styled guitars and vocals in House music, the perfect blend.

Yvvan Back – Cry No More, another upbeat house music track for the playlist, lovely vocals with old style piano house music sounds, a perfect blend of Italian house music and soul funk styles

PAX, Rui Da Silva – Touch Me (PAX & Rui Da Silva Extended Version) A new remixed version of the classic, of course any remix is just going to sound good, cos this song is just so darned good. The banging bass on this takes this mix into a new stratosphere!! Sounds good anywhere you play it, in the car, in the club, or on your ipod.

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Thanks for reading, more coming soon!