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New: Scripts E.P From Calm Drama AKA Rob Webster

The Scripts E.P

Calm Drama Scripts E.P

3 years after his debut album, Rob Webster AKA Calm Drama returns with a fierce 4 track E.P that combines his recent influence of Retro-Wave, Techno and 90’s Trance influences.

“I heard the piano”
Is the opening track which samples the dialogue between Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling from last years Bladerunner 2049.
This track is a mix of retro-wave and a dramatic eerie breakdown which leads into a full on Euphoric Trance crescendo.

Is a melodic Techno groove that has a solid electro tinged bassline that weaves in and out of an arpeggio styled synth riff that carries itself a way into the cosmos which peaks with an orchestral breakdown combined with the 2001 Space Odyssey conversation with
Hal and his human counterpart.

“Visions Of Eckhart”
The 3rd composition takes Robs euphoric trance styles into a more darker sinister area with the inclusion of dialogue
from the movie Jacobs Ladder. The use of filtered synth leads and a driving arpeggio bassline make this an uplifting but thought provoking affair.

“You Invited Me”
The final track, borrows from David Lynch’s movie Lost Highway with the mystery man scene. Again accompanied by a riff that is almost reminiscent of Faithless and their anthem Insomnia, but with a more mild approach.

All 4 tracks are available to download on soundcloud check out Calm Drama for this truly unique sound blending that old vibe with a modern twist.

Listen on Soundcloud below.

Who is Calm Drama?

Who Is Calm Drama (Rob Webster)

Calm Drama is the recording name of Rob Webster, who is a producer and DJ from Derby in the UK. Rob has his own unique style of producing using a classical piano blended with modern electronica, which leaves that lush electronic wave footprint on his music. His sets use a mixture of light and heavy tones, this is what makes his sound original to him.

His early influences of progressive house and trance, dating back to the 90’s have combined to compose this 35 minute 4 E.P release.  For those who are used Traxscape style it is a little slower but nether the less a stunning composition of modern and old styles of electronica.


Rob was a resident DJ in Derby’s superclub “Progress” throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s in the heyday of UK night club dance scene. He also was playing alongside some of the big name DJ’s in that era.

1999: Under the name of Boy Wunda his track “Everybody” release under Manifesto records reached number 7 in the main UK Charts, even appearing on Top of the Pops. It was a worldwide with over 200k record sales.

Check him out on Top of the Pops.

Listen and buy link below.

2000: After the success of “Everybody” he released a follow up which was a trance remix of “Unfinished Symphony (The Verve)”, by now Rob was busy producing for pop and dance acts under his Boy Wunda name.

View Boy Wunda on Discogs.

2002: Rob remixed a track by The Rhythm Masters – “Ghetto” and topped Pete Tong’s essential selection charts

2003-2009: Rob ran three independent record labels, one of which being a vinyl 12″ only label.

2011-2013: Released two solo ambient albums under his own name, on his record label Traxscape music.

2011-2017: Under the name of RobJamWeb he released over thirty tracks in the genres of Nu-Disco and House. Of which 4 reached no 1 sales charting positions.

View RobJamWeb releases on Beatport.

RobJamWeb discogs.

2015: Released the debut album of Calm Drama – “Shadows at the edge” on the Traxscape label.

2018: Released The Scripts E.P

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