Are you asking yourself these questions?

What is the safest way to see out 2020 and see in 2021?

Stuck for somewhere safe to party this New years Eve?

Are you bored of single file one way systems in nightclubs?

Worried about not be able to socialise this New Year’s Eve

Not to worry come and join us on twitch, where something very special has been created, where you won’t even catch a cold!!

Nowhere World have created a virtual stadium of fans with virtual Dj’s showing their mastery and skills with the crowds still going wild for more.

Even their Bouncers are friendly!!

You can find their twitch channel here and this New Year they have got a very special lineup for you.

Also you can follow them on instagram for all their news

TrancePulse Dublin vs Saving Light (please check out Saving Lights Website Here)

Headlining the virtual trance party festival will be Alessandra Roncone, with other Dj’s such as Bixx, Forza Duo, Chris Element, Iain Mitchell amongst others

The best of all, its completely free to join and of course being on twitch we can all have a chat, drinking our bubbly at the same time.

Check out the flyer below we would love you join us.

Saving Light CIC is a community interest company  who want to assist people struggling with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety or suffer from bad mental health and also people with learning difficulties. 

They use music and events as well as training to empower people to achieve things they previously may have thought impossible and too far out of reach.