Trance Mix 2018

The #Trancefamily 2018 mix | Unheard trance and well know trance ūüéß

I just had to make a mix of some of the unheard trance music out there, if you do stumble onto this page, there are some absolute belters, completely unsigned and desperate to be listened to.

My Highlights are

Icedream – Digital Flow and Johnny Yono – King Of The Dream both itching to be hammered by a DJ on any dance floor.

I added a few current tracks from some more well known artists just for that extra mix spice.

All mixed at my homely 138bpm – you just cant go wrong its a safe house!!!!!

Full Track list

  • 1¬†Infernitas (Original Mix)¬†by¬†Jean Luc
  • 2¬†Digital Flow (Original Edit)¬†by¬†Icedream
  • 3¬†King Of The Dream (Original Mix)¬†by¬†Johnny Yono
  • 4¬†Cellar Door (Whirlin Merlin Remix)¬†by¬†PharaOhm
  • 5¬†Psychology Analysis¬†by¬†Spectro Senses
  • 6¬†Precipice (Original Mix)¬†by¬†Dalmoori
  • 7¬†Burned The Sky¬†by¬†Bridger
  • 8¬†Trancefamily¬†by¬†Daniel Kandi
  • 9¬†Choice of the Angels¬†by¬†John O’Callaghan
  • 10¬†Terracotta Warrior (Extended Mix)¬†by¬†Project 8
  • 11¬†Surya (Temple One Remix)¬†by¬†Akira Kayosa, Hugh Tolland
  • 12¬†Be In The Moment (ASOT 850 Anthem)¬†by¬†Armin van Buuren

Settle back, slam on them headphones and enjoy!!