Trance Mix 2018 Past & Present | Best Club Anthems

My Latest Trance mix on Mixcloud, as i was putting it together it really stirred some happy memories of some real great days of club classic anthems, laid down by the mighty DJ’s in the day.

Enough of the blurb
Track Listing

1: Woody Van Eyden & Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Michelle Citrin – Turn It On (Sean Tyas Remix)
Used this in my last mix and why not, Sean Tyas has a various soundbanks available on Sylenth which are very good, with his own stamp Sean has some great tunes and sounds out there. Visit the Sean Tyas website

2: Temple One – World Beyond (Daniel Kandi & Phillip Alpha Remix)
I did not much about Temple One until again i found his soundbanks that are on various daw plugins, they are awesome to, so i started looking for any trance music tracks that he has made and this is the stand out track for me.
Temple One website

3: B.B.E. – 7 Days And One Week (Ferry Corsten Remix)
Well this of course was a anthem, the original was released in July 1996, OMG that long ago huh. Of course add a little Ferry Corsten magic and you have a massive club anthem on your hands.
Ferry Corsten website

4: K90 – Hyper Intelligence (Ian Betts Remix)
Every time i play this, it judt grows and grows on me. A true trance production, that melody, wow, so i am checking out the K90 website to view more latest tracks, this trance is just to good not to want more of the same.

5: Solar Factor – No Return
Drop this in to a set mid way to really raise the crowd, a hands the air moment. Released in 2003 why is this track so good, well the man who made it is Mike Dierickx better known for his trance classic productions as PUSH with universal nation and strangeworld the stand out tracks.
check out the Mike Dierickx website

6: Condor – Velvet Dreams (Condor’s Skylight Mix)
Just has to be mixed into Solar Factor – No Return, that lovely low bass intro – yummy. This is another trance anthem again release in 2003, Condor real name Stephan Bodzin is still doing music production, visit his website

7: Vimana ‎– We Came Originally released 1999 a dutch trance classic that was smashed by the big Dj’s back in the day,i can remember be played a lot on the Radio One Essential Mix a lot, which was great source of new music for bedroom DJ’s in its day. Who is Vimana, drum roll please……………. Tiesto and Ferry Corsten, a project they did together only making 2 tracks, this and Dreamtime. The heritage you could say is very rich.

8: Veracocha – Carte Blanche Originally released in May 1999 and that famous label, which all DJ’s had their collection “Positiva Records”. Carte Blanche is another anthem that was played a lot on the big club circuits, i used to hear this played a lot on the Essential Mix a lot, What ever happened to that friday night build up of club music, go out large it, get back record essential mix. Who is Veracocha…………. FerRy Corsten and Vincent De Moor two legends of the trance family world.

9: Sasha and Darren Emerson – Scorchio Originally released in 2000, this was a track that you just had add to your vinyl collection, Having been a fan of Sasha for a long time remembering he is like the Grand Father of house music, team him with Darren Emerson (Underworld) you have another club anthem on your plate.
Darren Emerson runs Underwater Records
Sasha website

10: Yomanda – Sunshine (Hi-Gate Remix) Originally released in 2000 another track that sits in the classic anthem club sound banks, i remember Judge Jules playing this a lot, a real Ibiza sound. Yomanda real name is Paul Masterson checwiki who is Hi gate? Judge Jules & Paul Masterson

11: NRG – Never Lost His Hardcore (Floorplays Mobile Bitch Remix)
N.R.G real name Neil Gavin Rumney, this is just a massive tune with many remixes, Originally released in 1992, this remix was played a lot by Judge Jules and is just a huge club classic. Another version worth checking out is the Nick Sentience Mix

12: Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Marco V Remix) Maybe just maybe the all time classic of 90’s club music this remix was the first one that i heard pushing the tempo threshold to mix it a little faster and harder and could be used easily at 138Bpm and 140Bpm

Well mixing o logic pro is never going to be easy but have learnt a little more about tempo changes, variable and constant settings can have different effects on different songs, trance is never going to be easy for a daw as there are so many sound sfor it to cope with. Also you can apply flex as monophonic or polyphonic and it can have bad or good effects.