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The Intro

Trance production can be very frustrating, you may be great at creating melodies or bass lines but maybe your tracks are just not coming out the way you want them to.

Before you drop your daw and all your hopes, maybe ask yourself what is stopping your music sounding great and being signed, i think i have found a ray of light that may just help us on our production quest to get a bit closer to our dreams.

I have been dipping in and out in the world of trance production for a few years now. Then I stumbled upon Allan Morrow Tutorials on Youtube.

What makes Allan Morrow tutorials any different from all the other tutorials?

Here are the few pointers of why I am enjoying Allan’s trance tutorials and packs.

The Live Video Tutorial

It was great to chat to other trance producers on his 1st live video, we were able to relate to each other and soon realised that we all have the same frustrations, often small production tweaks needed to change a track from having potential to being a serious track that may get signed.

What was also interesting, I got a strong feeling that Allan has faced the same battles on his own journey of trance production (in his early days), that i am struggling with now.

In this live video, which was free to join on Youtube, he related how he would copy his own favourite trance producers styles and that he is able to look back at his early days in production with a smile, knowing this all takes experience and there is no magic wand.

After all we were not born as great trance producers, we have to learn these skills somewhere!

Watch his recent live Youtube video, the 1st of many i hope!

Production Feedback 

If you watched the Youtube video on making trance music it was my first experience of a professional trance producer, giving honest feedback to my work and from others who had joined in. Allan gave 7 to 8 tips on my track, which of course was the 1st time he had listened to it. These are tips that will apply to any trance music production, an experienced producer will take these things for granted, if you are wearing a BIG L PLATE and learning trance production, these are of high value and can be carried forward on all of your next mixes.

He then moved on to another track sent in by a viewer and was able to use his musically trained ears to give constructive advice on that track. Two Tracks 10 or 12 amazing tips that can be referred to again and again until they embed into your memory banks to be used again and again. Sound levels, layering, production mix layout tips to help push your track to the next level.

Subscribe to his channel to be notified of his next live video where you can join in and ask questions.

Allan Morrow Tutorials Youtube

Buy Tutorials Learn Quicklyg 

My first purchase from Allan’s trance production tutorial website  was the “Tech Trance Kick & Reverse Bass Tutorial”, which is a video tutorial i have saved in my dropbox, so i do not lose it, Reverse Bass had always interested me, that is why this was my first purchase. A good example of the choice of tutorials that can be purchased from Allan.

Allan threw in a curve ball in that particular video and a real game changer of Parallel Compression, something i had never heard about. These are simple examples of production tutorial tips that will make a real difference in your journey of trance production. You can preview the Tech Trance Kick & Reverse Bass Tutorial on Youtube. It is a great example of a small enhancement that you can make to a track and it will help drive it forward to the next level.

Trying to figure out what to buy 1st is hard when there are so many tutorials to choose from, so the next purchase i made was the Logic Pro Trance Template (ALLAN MORROW – AWAY WITH YOU) this backs up his section on parallel compression in the “Tech Trance Kick & Reverse Bass Tutorial”, exampling parallel compression on his kicks, bass and sub, it also teaches grouping of pads, plucks, percussion, fx and leads.

Allan has emphasised in his tutorials the importance of using a template, i am starting to understand why, with so many aspects to a track its handy to have them templated, so you don’t forget to use them in future tracks and you know what your track needs where and when.

I will update this blog with what else I am buying and how it helps my own production. I am considering my next purchase will be on layering and adding depth to trance tracks, another important area that I am weak on at the moment.

As stated in his live video, producers have studied his tutorials and are now being signed by trance labels.

It is said that proof is in the pudding, well that’s good enough for me!!

When you purchase any item eg a soundbank, video or template, it is a good back them up to cloud storage, in the event your computer may crash you will have them safely backed up.

In any event it is a good practice to backup your own music projects.

Music Jargon Goes Over My Head

Watching Allan’s other tutorials on Youtube, he describes and explains music production in a simple manner, I really struggle with other tutorials that I have found. Producers often start using musical terms and phrases that I do not understand. I am always searching for tutorials that i can relate to, with simple instructions and terms to follow.

I have no musical training and what I have watched so far has been easy to pick up and translate into my work.

Dont Get Stuck! 2 Midi Packs That Are A Must Purchase

Stop the press!!!

I have just purchased 2 trance midi packs that Allan recently released, a trance bass midi pack and a trance plucks midi pack.
Both the midi packs have 50 midi files at a bargain price. These midi files have different midi patterns to help create new trance music.

Perfect for creating uplifting, emotional, hard or progressive trance, these 2 midi packs have got some great rifts. They will keep me busy for a while!!

Composing new music can be frustrating.

Midi packs can be of great help. You can move notes around, making new melodies from them.
Add bass and kicks to see how it sounds. The result is you will create your own original track.

I Have purchased other midi packs in the past from elsewhere, in effect not inspiring me.

Working my way through these 2 midi trance packs, they have triggered a couple of melodies in my mind, relief!!!

Time to fire up Logic Pro X and make a new tune!

Personal Daw Tip

Use a voice recorder app on your phone, record any melody that pops into your head.

A great way to build a small catalogue of melodies for your projects at anytime.

Sound Design

I am very slowly learning sound design, for example in the ALLAN MORROW – AWAY WITH YOU Logic Pro Template.

As a result you will learn automation, especially automation of the synth adsr and effects.

If you are not a Synth Guru, creating sounds from scratch is not easy.

I find it a good idea is to buy some sounds and adjust effects on plucks, bass, pads and leads.

Allan sells Sylenth Trance Soundbanks, I should add there is a free download of a Sylenth Trance soundbank as a taster.

I personally love the subbass and midbass in his bass soundbank, you can keep tweaking them to create new sounds.

***New Update***

Trance Layering & Depth Tutorial

Like me, you may be struggling with layering trance leads, bass, melodies and percussion, as a birthday treat i have purchased the trance layering tutorial on Allan’s shop.

Below are 2 examples from the video that really help trance production.

  • How to add dynamics to each layer, bass layer or a melody layer:
  • How to bring your layers to life, using eq, transposing octaves, Adsr, Filter Cutoffs.

In addition the tutorial also features sound design tips using the Sylenth plucks featured in the video.

Preview of the Trance Layering Tutorial

***Update 22nd June 2020***
My new purchase, is the Tech Trance Mixdown Tutorial

This answers some burning questions that I did not understand and COULD NOT find information on.

Stage Gaining

In this video Allan explains “stage gaining”, in a simple manner that even I could understand.

A simple solution to my question of what and how to mono kick and basses, without 3rd party plugins!

Other tutorial tips

Kick and subbass levels explained.
EQ explained clearly, resulting in clean sounds

This for me, is a game changing moment, in understanding how to make your mixes really shine.

Take your production sound to the next level, clearly the best money i have ever spent.

In my opinion it is a good idea to not spend money on plugins just yet.

Why not spend that money on these tutorials, learn the basics 1st.

Personal Success

On the 22tnd June, “Take me to Beethoven” (Ambient Trance) was released by Redux Sunset.

Inspired by a bass pattern in a Beethoven song.

Allan remarked in one his Youtube videos, “try other styles of music”, this encouraged inspired me to create it.

You can listen for free on Spotify with the link provided below.

Incidentally using one of the Allan Morrow Sylenth Bass presets on my track.

Final Summary 

Allan Morrow understands the frustrations of producers, who are trying to learn trance techniques and skills.

Every genre of music, I believe has production rules and skills that we must adhere too.

In these Video Tutorials

I believe Allan Morrow tutorials focus on these techniques and skills really well, they will speed up the learning process. His passion is there to help others and that shines through in his work.

Visit his website for his many tutorials and packs, to improve areas that you currently don’t understand. Learn the skills to become the next great trance producer and maybe your track will feature on the Best Trance Playlist on Spotify in the future!!

You can buy the tutorials from here

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