Trance Music Radio & Blog | New trance tracks, sets, mixes and DJ's
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Listen to Bridgers Trance Music Radio
Classic and new trance for #trancefamily fans

About Bridger’s Trance

  • Discover trance music, new unheard of DJ’s and producers
  • Listen to classic trance music from days gone by
  • Find new trance mixes on our blog.


Bridger’s Trance Radio plays


  • Uplifting trance, vocal trance, progressive trance, psytrance and classic trance
  • Online Trance music, listen to it 24/7


Bridger’s trance radio is a UK trance radio station


I want to:
Promote your unheard music as a new producer or DJ – For Free

Who Is Bridger’s TranceĀ 

I am a hobbyist maker of trance and house music, i produce my own music.

I love finding new DJ’s and their own mixes which i publish on my trance blog


What i listen to and share

House Music, Trance, Psytrance, Techno, Hard House, Progressive House and much more.

As i have had the pleasure of getting to know Iain after chatting to him via Instagram, his passion and knowledge of trance just shines through, alway...

Being a major plex fan with most my house setup with it, i had to make my own Bridgers Trance Music Plex app Instructions for installing a plex channe...

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