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Listen to Bridgers Trance Music Radio
Classic and new trance for #trancefamily fans

About Bridger’s Trance

  • Discover trance music, new unheard of DJ’s and producers
  • Listen to classic trance music from days gone by
  • Find new trance mixes on our blog.


Bridger’s Trance Radio plays


  • Uplifting trance, vocal trance, progressive trance, psytrance and classic trance
  • Online Trance Radio, listen to trance music 24/7


Bridger’s trance radio is a UK trance radio station


I want to:
Promote your unheard music as a new producer or DJ – For Free

Who Is Bridger’s Trance 

I am a hobbyist maker of trance and house music, i produce my own music.

I love finding new DJ’s and their own mixes which i publish on my trance blog


What i listen to and share

House Music, Trance, Psytrance, Techno, Hard House, Progressive House and much more.

As i have had the pleasure of getting to know Iain after chatting to him via Instagram, his passion and knowledge of trance just shines through, alway...

With another guest appearance from Iain Mitchell on Saturday 15th, on our trance radio show, this mix was just a sublime choice of new tracks that are...

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