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Follow my Trance Playlist or listen to some old House music club anthems, Playlists are on Spotify, i will add new trance music featuring big club anthems from the 90’s to latest releases, some of my favourite artists of all time.


Introducing The Trance Mixes podcast show

Listen to the trance mix podcasts from Guest Dj’s

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The best in trance music radio for the #trancefamily, no matter if you are new to trance music or an oldie trance music lover. Listen to TrancePulse Dublin a 24 hour trance music radio station for the very best in all trance music.


Itching to go out and enjoy a night out of trance music, hard trance, progressive trance, psy trance? Head on over to the Irish TranceFamily events website and treat yourself and friends to a wild weekend out!!!

Checkout Trance Dj sets from the Irish Trance Family Soundcloud channel to get yourself in the perfect mood.

The Trance Mixes | Global Trance Music | Episode 013 Featuring; Vocal and uplifting trance: Mixed by Gareth Evans...

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The Trance Mixes | Global Trance Music | Episode 011 Featuring; A Classic Trance Set of vocal and uplifting trance: Mixed by Mark Andrews...